Attorney profiles

Hiroshi Kobayashi


1983 Graduated from Sophia University with BS in Applied Chemistry
1983 Itoh & Company (Patent Firm)
1985 Registered as Patent Attorney
1987 Joined Dow Chemical Japan
(1988-1990: Worked at Dow Corporate Patent Dept. in U.S.A.)
1989 Promoted to General Manager, Patent Dept., Dow Chemical Japan
1993 Joined Pfizer Japan as International Patent Manager, Patent Dept.
1995 Promoted to General Manager, IP Dept., Pfizer Japan
2001 Joined Abe, Ikubo & Katayama
2003 Received LLB from Chuo University
2005 Visiting Professor at Renmin University of China


  • Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)
  • International Activity Center of JPAA
  • IP Committee of Japan Science and Technology Agency
  • Institution of Professional Engineers (Biotechnology), Japan
    (ex-member of PIPA,JIPA and JPMA)

Main Areas of Practice

Hiroshi Kobayashi is a partner in charge of the Patent Filing & Prosecution Division of Abe, Ikubo & Katayama. He has over 14 years of industry experience as intellectual property counsel. At Dow Chemical, he set up a Japanese Patent Operation at Dow Japan, where he handled numerous patent matters in the field of chemicals, polymers and agrochemicals. He also worked as a general patent counsel at Pfizer Japan's IP Department, and experienced in handling numerous patent and trademark matters in the filed of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, in addition to global IP management with the Corporate Patent Department. Mr. Kobayashi represents national and multinational corporate clients in the field of pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies, chemicals, agrochemicals, polymers and food sciences. He serves his clients as counsel in matters of IP counseling, domestic and foreign patent prosecution, patent infringement and validity opinions; patent litigation support, and patent education.

Publications and Articles

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