Attorney profiles

Makoto Hattori


1994 LLB, Keio University, Faculty of Law
1996 Entered the Legal Training and Research Institute (50th graduating class)
1998 Admitted to the bar (Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association)
Joined Abe, Ikubo & Katayama
2001 Secondment as Deputy Director to Intellectual Property Policy Office in Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry under the Law Concerning the Recruitment of Local Public Entities' Employees with a Fixed Term in Regular Service
2002-2004 Overseas Training
LLM, University of Pennsylvania Law School (2003)(April 2001-April 2002), Guest Lawyer at Schiff Hardin in NY and Chicago, USA (May 2003-September 2003), Guest Lawyer at Hoffmann, Eitle & Partner in Munich, Germany (May 2002-July 2002), Guest Lawyer at Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, USA (February 2004), Researcher at Max-Planck Institute (Munich)for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law, Germany (October 2003-January 2004), Guest Lawyer at Oblon, Spivak, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt, Virginia, USA
2003 Passed the New York Bar
2004 Admitted to the New York Bar
2004 Resumed practice at Abe, Ikubo & Katayama (August)
2006-2009 Adjunct instructor of Hitotsubashi Univ. Faculty and Graduate School of law
2007- Adjunct instructor of Keio Univ. Master's Course, Faculty of Science and Technology
2009- Member of Japan Federation of Bar Associations Intellectual Property Law Center
2010- Instructor of “Workshop for Patent Attorneys for Ensuring Skills in the Practice of Counsel for Specific Infringement Lawsuits” held by Japan Patent Attorneys Association
2014- Candidate for an expert adviser for examination process for the application for import suspension at the Customs Office


  • Licensing Executives Society Japan
  • The Copyright Law Association of Japan

Main Areas of Practice

Makoto Hattori deals with lawsuits and petitions, and provides consultations to clients in the fields of intellectual property, corporate practice, and business turnaround. He provides advice in connection to international disputes in various fields, as New York State attorney and using his studies in Europe and America.

He deals with intellectual property litigation and drafting contracts in connection to patents, copyright, trademark, and unfair competition law in the area of intellectual property. He has many publications and has given numerous lectures in Japan and abroad. Recently, in addition to acting as counsel for importers in connection to law enforcement at the border on products infringing patent rights, he has involved in lawsuits and consultations concerning employee inventions. During the time when he was seconded to METI, he had the experience of being involved in the planning and formulation of Japan's intellectual property strategy and worked on the amendment of the Unfair Competition Prevention Law.

In the field of corporate practice, he handles a wide array of problems brought by clients as retained counsel ranging from daily matters such as contract drafting to matters including creation of compliance systems and formulation of personal information protection programs.

In the area of business turnaround, he acted as a petitioner for large scale of insolvency cases such as Japan Leasing and Life and civil rehabilitation cases concerning golf courses and also works on international insolvency cases.

Publications and Articles

  • "Article by Article Explanation of the Unfair Competition Prevention Law" (Co-author) Yuhikaku
  • "Joint Patents and Insolvency– the Effect of the Insolvency of a Joint Patent Holder on Other Co-owners and Licensee and Related Countermeasures" Chizai Kanri (Intellectual Property Management) (Co-author)
  • "Decision of the German Supreme Court Expanding the Meaning of Inspection Right based on Substantive Civil Law" L&T
  • "Practical Matters to Consider when Becoming a Litigant in the EU– Focusing on IP Infringement Lawsuits" NBL
  • "New EU Regulations for the Taking of Evidence and International Patent Infringement Suits" AIPPI (Co-author)
  • "Protection of License Agreements at the Time of Insolvency" NBL (Co-author)
  • "Practice for Point of Entry Regulations in regard to Patent Infringing Products" Chizai Kanri (Intellectual Property Management) (Co-author)
  • "(Recorded Lecture) Expansion of Employee Invention and Related Issues– Particularly from the Viewpoint of Prevention of Legal Troubles" Legal Mind
  • "Lectures on Practice for Corporate Governance and Compliance" Minjiho Kenkyukai (In charge of writing the part on "Compliance in the Field of Intellectual Property"
  • "Commentary on the Judgment of the Supreme Court, March 25, 2002" ICC(International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law) C.H. Beck
  • "Japan the 'IP Nation'" Intellectual Property UPDATE
  • "Cases Holding that Invoking Prescription after Partial Payment of Money for 'Reasonable Consideration' after the Expiration of the Effective Period is Contrary to the Principle of Good Faith (Case Commentary)" Tokkyo Kenkyu
  • "Domain Name Law and Practice" Oxford University Press (In charge of Japanese edition)
  • "Commentary on the Law Amending the Court Law Etc.," Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (Co-author)
  • "Litigation: Expert Witnesses (Japan) " Managing Intellectual Property Survey 2007 (Co-author)
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