Attorney profiles

Junichi Kitahara


1986 Passed the Japanese Bar Examination
1987 LLB, Hitotsubashi University, Faculty of Law Entered the Legal Training and Research Institute (41st graduating class)
1989 Admitted to the bar (Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association)
Joined Ginza Law Office (current Abe, Ikubo & Katayama)
1992-1994 Study and practice in the United States of America
LLM, New York University School of Law
Worked at Winthrop, Stimson, Putnam and Roberts(New York)
1994 Admitted to the New York Bar
Returned to Japan and resumed practice at Abe, Ikubo & Katayama

Main Areas of Practice

Junichi Kitahara is specialized in litigation related to domestic and international commercial disputes, mainly in the area of intellectual property. As for intellectual property litigation, Mr. Kitahara has represented various clients in many types of disputes, especially those involving patents. He has served a main role in court in numerous cases, many of which have resulted in successful enforcement of clients' patens or dismissal of competitors' patent claims. His cases have involved a vast array of technologies and products, including pharmaceuticals, chemical products, medical devices, semiconductors and electronics, and computer software. Other than the practice area of litigation, Mr. Kitahara is also specialized in bankruptcy and reorganization. He has much experience in acting as bankruptcy trustee officially appointed by the bankruptcy court and representing debtors in complex corporate reorganization cases.


  • "Insolvency Law in Australia - Focusing on the New Corporate Restructuring Procedures in (1) to (3)" NBL570 (95-6-1), 572(95-7-1), 574(95-8-1) (Co-author)
  • " Commentary, System for Practical Forms, Intellectual Property Rights III, R&D and Licenses" Sanseido (1996) (Co-author)
  • " Intellectual Property Rights Dictionary" Sanseido (2001) (Co-author)
  • " Laws and Practice for Corporate Turnaround" Commercial Law Center (2002) (Co-author)
  • " Concise Dictionary for Legal Studies" Sanseido (2003) (Co-author)

Activities for Government Related Committees and Education

  • Member of the "Review and Study Committee for Rights and Obligations of Applicants in Patent Applications", Institute of Intellectual Property (2000-2001)
  • Instructor of "Workshop for Patent Attorneys for Ensuring Skills in the Practice of Counsel for Specific Infringement Lawsuits", Japan Patent Attorneys Association (2003 to date)
  • Member of Interim Committee of Industrial Property Council (Examiner of the Examination for the Practice of Counsel for Specific Infringement Lawsuits) (2003-2004)
  • Member of Interim Committee of Industrial Property Council (Examiner of the Patent Attorneys Examination) (2005 to date)
  • Lecturer at Waseda University (Basic of Intellectual Property at the Open Education Center) (2004 to date)