Attorney profiles

Sumiko Kobayashi


1971 Passed the National Civil Service Examination- First Class, Grade A
1972 Bachelor of Applied Chemistry, Saitama University, Science and Engineering Faculty
1972-1974 Researcher at Saitama University, Science and Engineering Faculty, Applied Chemistry
1974-1986 Patent Office (External Agent of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry [MITI] of the Japanese Government), Examiner, Trial Examiner, and Appeal Examiner. (Between 1981-1983 Agency of Science and Industrial Technology [within MITI], Technological Investigations Department)
1986 Qualified as patent attorney
1986-1987 Travel for the purpose of visiting and giving lectures to intellectual property offices and departments in Europe, the United States of America, Asia and Africa
1987-1988 Worked at Sumida Patent Office
1988-1991 Worked at Asamura Patent Office
1991-1992 Worked at Pennie & Edmonds, New York (Law Internship)
1992 Joined Abe, Ikubo & Katayama
2004 Qualified as patent attorney admitted to practice intellectual property infringement litigation
2006-2008 Member of Interim Committee of Industrial Property Council (Examiner of the Patent Attorneys Examination)


  • Japan Patent Attorneys Association
  • Member of the Operating Committee of the Japan Intellectual Property Arbitration Center
  • Vice-Chair of Chemical, Energy, Environmental and Materials Chair of Membership Committee in LESI
  • Board Member of Japan Association of the Law of Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Japan Association of Arbitrators
  • Mediator registered with The Japan Commercial Arbitration Association

Main Areas of Practice

Sumiko Kobayashi is active in the area of IP litigation, including IP infringement litigation agreements and negotiations, importation restraint, and patent application practice. She is involved in a variety of patent lawsuits including several major patent lawsuits by requests from not only Japanese companies but also from many U.S., European and Asian companies. Her major lawsuits include lawsuits in connection to patents for biotechnology and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Also, she undertakes procedures for patent oppositions and invalidation trials in connection to such lawsuits. She advises on the obtainment of valid patent rights and help to implement the advice, and advises on the interpretation of the scope of patent rights to Japanese and foreign corporations. In particular, she does efficient and substantial work through maintaining very fine tuned communication by not only letters in English but also international telephone calls and meetings with corporation managers and local counsel. She also advises how to have effective meetings with examiners to advance patent application procedures based on her experience as a Patent Office Examiner and Appeal Examiner. Furthermore, she is interested in alternative dispute resolution methods and is active in many several related organizations including Japan Intellectual Property Arbitration Center.